Conda Practise


  1. To install conda. Copy miniconda package from my dir /yan/ to your folder. Run


    Input yes or y when necessary during installation.

  2. Restart your terminal, or run

    source ~/.bashrc
  3. Run

    source activate

    to start conda environment. Notice the (base) before your username.

  4. Read the document by

    conda --help

    You can go deeper by

    conda install --help
    conda env --help
  5. Create a new environment called bioinfo, enter the new environment:

     conda create -n bioinfo
     conda activate bioinfo
  6. Install the tools we will use in this course. I put them in a list, copy the packages.txt from my dir, then run:

     conda config --add channels bioconda   # add the bioconda channel
     conda install --file packages.txt

    It may take a while.

  7. Deactivate the environment by:

     conda deactivate